Family Discipleship: Making Christlike Disciples in Your Home

Rev. Angie Hancock

An average family may spend up to 4 hours a week at church. That means the remaining time is outside of church! Should the task of discipleship be limited to those 4 hours? In this workshop, you will learn of God’s command to disciple others and how it begins in the home. You will gain some practical ideas to use right away to help make Christlike disciples in your own family, no matter the size, shape, or age!

Pastor Angie Hancock currently serves as Family Pastor at Faith Community Church in Yorba Linda. She also serves on the Anaheim District NDI board as the children’s ministry director. She is happily married to Dave and they are experiencing a new chapter in life as parents of 2 beautiful adult girls! Her passion is to help resource families and churches to disciple children of all ages.

The Gift of Being Grand

Mrs. Jan Stone 

Becoming a grandparent is an unparalleled joy, and certainly the reward of having survived parenting our children through all those challenging stages. Now you can laugh when your grandchild does the same things that made you so frustrated when your kids did them! Celebrate the joys of being Grand – and discover ways of greatly impacting your next generation.

Jan Stone is a pastor’s wife, mother of two, and “Grammie” to three. She is a retired public school educator and administrator, currently serving on several non-profit boards. She loves music, reading, photography, lunch with friends, and travel to anywhere! But above all, she treasures time with her Grands.

For Such a Time as This

Mrs. Rhonda Shader 

When you decide to say yes to the Lord and ask Him to expand your territory, the Lord will put you in positions of influence and authority that you never thought possible. In this workshop, you will learn how to know when God is calling you and how to step into that calling with confidence and faith.

When Rhonda Shader decided to say yes to the Lord and ask Him to expand her territory she’s been on a journey with God that has put her in positions of influence and authority that she never thought possible. The ride continues today with her run for California State Senate. In this workshop, she will share with you how to know when God is calling you and how to step into it with confidence and faith.

Rise Up & Pray  … For Your Children and Their Schools!

Diane Borja & Laura Rodriguez

Moms In Prayer … Put “The Full Armor of God” over your children & their schools. What is needed and missing in our schools is PRAYER! Join us and learn to pray Scripture 

“God’s Word” over your children and their schools “GOD is Faithful!”

Moms in Prayer International asks the hard questions: Are you concerned about your children, especially at school when you can’t be there? Will they make friends? Will they work well with teachers? Will they stand up against influences that may not be the best for them?

Welcome to Moms in Prayer where we invite another mom to pray with us for our kids and their schools, impacting them for Christ. Jesus’ simple method for prayer makes it easy! Diane has been leading Mom’s Prayer groups for almost 32 years. Praying for her 3 children (now adults), their spouses & now 3 grandchildren. Laura has been praying with Mom’s in Prayer for 24 years. Praying for her 3 children (now adults), their spouses & now 5 grandchildren.

Diane and Laura will walk you through how to impact your children and their schools for God’s Kingdom Glory!

La Mujer Cristiana de Hoy – 1 Pedro 3:1-4

Rev. Silvia Colmenares

Los retos a los que la Mujer Cristiana se enfrenta hoy en dia, no deben ser motivo de vivir como el mundo vive. La presencia de Cristo debe brillar en su vida y alumbrar a los de su casa, su Iglesia y su comunidad.

La hermana Silvia Colmenares sirve junto a su esposo, el Pastor David Colmenares, a la congregación hispana de la Iglesia del Nazareno en Anaheim.

Edificando El Hogar – Proverbios 14:1

Mrs. Lourdes Rojas

Este verso nos habla de que la mujer necia derriba su casa con sus propias manos, pero no se puede derribar algo que no se ha construido. La pregunta entonces es, ¿En qué momento esta mujer sabia comenzó a actuar con necedad y derribó lo que había edificado?

Aprenderemos tres aspectos en los que la mujer de hoy muy fácilmente actúa con necedad y con sus propias manos derriba lo que ha edificado.

La hermana Lourdes Rojas y su esposo, el Rev. Joseph Rojas, sirven en la Iglesia del Nazareno Dios Es Amor en Yorba Linda.

Science & the Bible

Rev. Dr. Gay Zambrano

While many feel that science and the Bible do not align, Dr. Zambrano uses her scientific background to prove incredible details about science backed by the Bible that will knock your socks off! She specializes in Creation Ministries and piecing together the incredible proof of physics, genetics, geology, biology and more all found in the Bible. She has studied extensively at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and the Creation Museum in Dallas. You will be amazed at the facts she shares! Shock and impress your friends!

Dr. Gay Zambrano is an Ordained Elder/Pastor and a veterinarian practicing full-time small animal and exotics medicine in the Long Beach/West Orange County area since 1991. Gay has also been an adjunct science professor at Bethesda University, teaching Life Science and Earth Science from a young earth biblical creation perspective. She loves teaching and preaching the Word of God to people of ALL AGES.

You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

Mrs. Sarina Acosta

Why do I want to control every area of my life and sometimes … the lives of others? Why can’t I fully do my best and just trust Christ with the rest? I’m such a Martha … never a Mary! Sound familiar? If you are a Control Freak and need some Biblical help to keep from becoming a full-blooded Martha – join this workshop!

My name is Sarina Acosta and I am a pastor’s wife, mom of four and grandmother to eleven! I’m also a lunch lady to the masses – what a blast! Mostly … a work in progress! Let me share what God has taught me in my crazy, fun, uptight, adventurous and humbling 50 years of life! Or at least … what I’ve learned the last few years. Not all 50; we don’t have all day!

Where is Jesus in the Pandemic?

Mrs. JoAnne Carr 

‘Dear God,

Since you are right here with me, can I ask you a question?

What is going on?!’

The world has been a scary and unrecognizable place over these past 2 years! Join this workshop to learn how tap into Jesus’ power to cope with sudden (and not so sudden) life changes. There are answers and true hope for this strange world where we are called to share the Good News!

JoAnne Carr-Linn is a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and wife, mother, daughter, prayer partner and friend. JoAnne is also a Medical Social Worker with a local home health agency. And an apprentice of Jesus Christ.

Anxiety and You

Mrs. Susan Paradee 

Anxiety can be life-crippling or just an annoying part of our everyday lives. Joins us to learn about real-life solutions and lessons from the Bible that can help us every day! Susan is charming, enthusiastic and vulnerable – and she has dug out great truths from the Bible about how Jesus can help our anxious minds!

Susan is a pastor’s wife, an educator, Bible teacher and a true encourager. She is bringing her vulnerability and life-lessons to help us cope with anxiety in this anxious culture of ours!

Renovando Nuestra Mente – Romanos 12:2

Mrs. María López 

Nosotras como hijas de Dios, día a día debemos renovar nuestras mentes para lograr hacer la voluntad de Dios y para que El pueda cumplir sus propósitos en nosotros.

La hermana María López sirve con su esposo, el Rev. Moisés López, en la Iglesia del Nazareno Lynwood Grace.

Profundamente Asegurada en Jesús

Rev. Melody Baldelomar 

A pesar de nuestras pruebas no debe parar nunca nuestra alabanza. Podemos enfrenta todo tipo de tormentas en nuestras vidas porque Jesús es nuestra ancla.

La pastora Melody Baldelomar y su esposo, el Rev. Edwin Baldelomar, sirven actualmente en la Iglesia del Nazareno Renuevo en Huntington Park.

Book Stacks

Mrs. Star Manis-Moraga 

Take home a personalized stack of books for your home decor! We will paint the outside of the books and add sticker or stencil writing on them. It can be encouraging words or a Bible verse. And it’s cute enough to take home and proudly display! The fee covers the supplies for your books, paint, wording & ribbon – the complete project!

Star Manis has lead every craft workshop for our ADNAZ Women’s Retreats! Star makes creating beautiful crafts easy for even true beginners with detailed step-by-step instructions. You will make a custom keepsake!

Star Manis-Moraga has lead every craft workshop for our ADNAZ Women’s Retreats! Star makes creating beautiful crafts easy for even true beginners with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Her art skills are incredible and you will love making and taking a custom keepsake for your home!

Cookie Decoration – Coffee Break Theme

Rev. Annalee Syprasert

Together we will decorate 3 cookies to take home. You will learn the step by step process on how to outline, flood and add details to your cookies. This is a detailed beginner level workshop on how to use the icing to decorate coffee and donut cookies. Supplies will be provided for you to use in class and boxes will be available for you to take your cookie creation home. This is a decorating class only – no baking involved. You do NOT need to bring any supplies – I provide everything you need for the class. You will learn: The basics of outlining cookies, how to flood cookies using pastry bags and step-by-step decorating of 3 themed cookies.

Annalee is the Cookie Artist behind “Only Annalee’s Sweet Treats”. Her “Handcrafted Designer Cookies” look just as good as they taste. Annalee has made thousands of decorated cookies for her happy clients over the years. She is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and finds joy in using her gifts and talents in every part of her life. She is currently serving the San Pedro Peninsula Church of the Nazarene as their Family Life Pastor along side her husband and 2 young children. She has been making, baking and creating for over 25 years. She discovered her love for baking after taking home economics in Jr. High. She has spent the past 5 years perfecting her sugar cookie recipe and decorating techniques. She loves designing beautiful cookies.

Created in His Image StrengthsFinder Personal Assessment

Have you ever felt ordinary, substandard, or down right unlovable? Or maybe you have often wondered how ALL humankind can be created “in God’s image”, even the unlovable ones … Please join us for an interactive, fun-filled, enlightening exploration into how we are all made in God’s image, yet uniquely designed with specific & special talents, strengths, personalities, & core values.

Pre-session work required – Clifton Top 5 Strengths Assessment

**After paying for this professional assessment to uncover your individual strengths, you will receive a link to take the assessment.

** Please BRING the PRINT OUT of the RESULTS to this session so you can benefit from personal analysis from a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach with Gallup Certification.

**Session limited to 12 participants.